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In today's market, both jet fuel suppliers and purchasers of aviation fuel need a fast and reliable process to avoid lost profits and productivity. is dedicated to effectively linking jet fuel buyers and sellers in a professional and long-term relationship. For qualified clients, can offer fuel contracts of 12 and 60 months in duration.

Jet Fuel Buyers - JP54 - Aviation Fuel

In the modern aviation world, it is vital that jet fuel buyers be able to effectively obtain aviation fuel for a competitive price, when and where they need it. Whether requiring a fast delivery of JP54 jet fuel, or a reliable supply of d2 jet fuel, working with can link the purchaser with reliable and certified jet fuel suppliers.

Avaiation Jet Fuel - JP54 Fuel

Purchasers can close a contract quickly, in no more than two to seven days, for amounts of fuel ranging from a minimum of two million barrels, to whatever quantities they require. In addition, upon arriving at a contract, the extensive network of jet fuel supplies can deliver fuel on a worldwide basis within 24 hours of requesting delivery. also works to ensure a competitive pricing for all types of fuel. All blends of fuel are priced at anywhere from ten to forty percent under NWE (North West Europe) Platt benchmarks. Thus, while market conditions and availability may influence prices, the purchaser will always enjoy extremely competitive fuel prices. Jet fuel buyers may obtain their fuel from FOB Rotterdam stocks or from a wide variety of certified fuel suppliers.

With the ability to control long and short-term costs, working with is an effective and economical way for aviation companies to maintain their fuel supplies, even in the face of an uncertain market. This can be especially important in the current unsettled economic and political environment. A company that is tied to only a single fuel supplier may find their supplies curtailed, or their prices dramatically rising, due to natural disaster, political dispute, or economic down turn that is quite beyond their control.

By working with, an aviation company can be assured of a wide variety of suppliers, protecting them from the dangers of over dependency on any one source.

JP54 Jet Fuel Suppliers

When partnering with, jet fuel suppliers have the advantage of being quickly and effectively associated with qualified buyers, with a guaranteed minimum purchase of at least two million barrels of jet fuel. Whether seeking to sell d2 jet fuel or other blends such as Jet A or Jet A1 jet fuel, the wide network of purchasers and brokers offered can assure a supplier of a long-term commitment on the part of their clients.

This long-term relationship benefits both the purchaser and the supplier, who can expand their business in a sustainable and methodical way. With the assistance of, they can effectively sell stocks of jet fuel, whether from FOB Rotterdam sources or directly from other suppliers.

Finally, by working with a wide network of brokers and purchasers, an aviation fuel supplier can be assured of always having a customer. This is important, as unsold stocks of fuel can directly influence a company's profits and long-term economic health. can ensure that a fuel producer will always have a demand for their products.

Qualified Fuel Buyers

In today's market, flexibility and dependability are equally vital to a company's long-term financial health. By working to team up qualified buyers and sellers, is bringing that flexibility to the international jet fuel market. In this way, both buyers and sellers can prepare themselves to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

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