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The Meeting Place for Buyers and Suppliers of Jet Fuel

JP54 Prices: With the current global economic situation, the need for a reliable platform from which traders in fuel, especially aviation fuel or airline fuel can trade, has become even more urgent. It is with this in mind that JG Wealth Fund set up a division that would enable them to take on the additional role of jet fuel distributors in a busy market place. links jet fuel buyers and aviation jet fuel suppliers within a reliable system that removes bottlenecks and creates efficiency for these important players in the aviation industry.

As a brand, fuel purchased from this subsidiary of JG Wealth Fund, or jet fuel jp54 as it has become known, comes with a significant number of advantages, which are especially enjoyed by by anyone looking to buy jet fuel, especially wholesale jp54 buyers, and they include the following:

  • Real Time Tracking of Inventory, provided within 24 hours, helping suppliers and buyers track shipments;
  • Dip and Lift Available within 24-48 hours, which greatly improve convenience;
  • Certified JP54 Fuel Suppliers
  • FOB for transactions through the port of Rotterdam
  • 1 - 7 day contract closing periods, reducing red tape;
  • Immediate jet fuel deliver around the world, within a 24 hour period
  • Stabilized fuel prices, which helps airlines plan their cost-benefit analysis within reliable margins;
  • A well developed and extensive network of refiners and direct suppliers
  • Long-Term Stability as provided by the established portfolio of JG Wealth Fund.

These benefits make the convenient and reliable option in a competitive market that is constantly trying to cut corners. After establishing our selves as international jet fuel distributors, we look to make the benefits of jet fuel jp54 available to all jet fuel buyers, both retail and wholesale jp54 buyers as well as jet fuel suppliers that are looking for credit-vetted consumers of their product.

JP54 Price Today, Tomorrow, and In The Future

With tradition and stability on our side, as well as a strong asset and equity base on which to operate from, airline operators can look at as the new global market leader and only viable destination when seeking to buy jet fuel.

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